Selected exhibitions

2024 Det Dunkelt Gjorda, Örnsköldsviks Museum & Konsthall 

2023 Sketch porposal for public comissioned work at Väröbacka, Varberg

2023 Sketch proposal public commissioned at Södersjukhuset, Stockholm 

2023 Puddles of Payne’s Grey on Concave Canvas, Konstepidemin Göteborg

(Parental leave from February 2023 to September 2023)

2022 Som Ytan, så ock i Djupet, Kungsbacka Konsthall

2022 Ripples in Plaster, Årstider, Verket Avesta Art

2021 Deep Violet Drops on Canvas, Nordisk Salong, Dunkers Kulturhus, Halmstad

2021 Deep Violet Drops on Canvas, Vad är nytt, Gothenburg

2021 Plastic Casts of a Cut Down Tree, Steneby konsthall

2021 Det långsamma, Det obetydliga och det Frånvända, KKV-Bohuslän, Gerlesborg 

2021 Sketch proposal for public commissioned work in Gothenburg

2020 Det långsamma, Det obetydliga och det Frånvända, Galleri Verkligheten, Umeå

2020 Water and Pigment on Plaster No 7. The Curse of Knowledge: Galleri Upper Hand, Gothenburg

2019 Sketch proposal public commissioned work, Västfastigheter, for the psychological clinic at the Skövde hospital, Skövde

(Parental leave from October 2018 to April 2019) 

2018 Amazingly Fantastical Idyll, (X)site. Ullricehamn. 

2017 Storage, La biennale, Venice - University of disaster for the Bosnien Herzegovina pavilion: A collaborative work between Geraldine Juárez & Joel Danielsson

2017 A Synthetic Blockade on a Desired Path Between a Parking Lot and a Gym, Permanens IV - Sculptural installation in Linköping University sculpture park

2017 Plastic Casts of a Cut Down Tree, Strange Attractors, Gothenburg Konsthall 

2016 Easy made hard, Gallery Rotor 2, Gothenburg

2016 A violet cast of a man made hole, Förjaga bristen på sammanhang, Gothenburg Konsthall 

2016 Clean white tiles, Helt sjukt, Medicine history museum, Gothenburg 

2015 Seven is a good number, Gallery Monitor/ Gallery Rotor 2,  Gothenburg 

2015 Scrap wood portal, Liljevalchs, Stockholm 

Upcoming exhibitions

Pilane, Tjörn 2024

Galleri Rehab Shop in Gothenburg 2024


2015-2017 Master of Fine arts, Valand Academy,120 hp, Gothenburg University

2014 Artistic research, 15 hp, Konstfack, Stockholm 

2012-2015 Applied Philosophy and argument analyses, 30 hp, Stockholm University

2009-2012 Bachelor of Fine Arts at Industrial design, 180 hp, Konstfack, Stockholm

2008 Art education, Spatial composition, KV konstskola, Gothenburg 

2007 Preparatory art education, Art Collage, Gothenburg 

2006-2007 Musical theater education, Dansforum, Gothenburg 

Grants and stipends

2023 One year working grant from Konstnärsnämnden 

2021 Corona Crisis Stipend from Konstnärsnämnden

2020 Corona Crisis stipend from the city of Gothenburg

2020 Corona Crisis stipend from Konstnärsnämnden 

2020 Swedish church cultural stipend

2020 Residency at home by Kultur i Väst

2020 Bror Marklunds sculpture stipend

2020 Pronto stipend by the city of Göteborg 

2017 Stipend from Kerstin Lind Pafumis foundation

2017 R&H Svensons stipend by Konstakademien 

2017 IASPIS internationellt kultur utbyte

Artist statement

Joel Danielsson is a Gothenburg based artist who's work oscillate between the behavioral, environmental and social aspects of the normality of consumerism. 

His practice is predominantly sculptural and the act of making often becomes an integral part of the work, either as a end to a mean or as a mean in itself. In his work, he is using both industrial and raw materials - from plastic to hand made clay for example, that often involves a slow, tedious or repetitive making process. In the work Easy Made Hard, for instance, he hand smudged a 55m2 layer of clay onto the gallery floor and left it to crack and dry so that when the visitors were walking on it, a brittle cracky noise and sensation was experienced acoustically as well as physically.

By opposing and juxtaposing the emotional and the rational, Joel returns to the object as a final destination for dreams and fantasy, where the object becomes both an imaginary scale of success and a symbol of the progression of the self, the desire to continuously become a better version of yourself. Objects and products, thus become ventilators for the externalization of fear, frustration and expectation. 

Joel often puts the bodily and emotional sensation in the center of his work by reinforcing the interactive and tactical dimension of it. In Plastic Casts of a Cut Down Tree Joel made two identical plastic casts of a tree trunk and installed them as contemplative consumerist objects for the visitors to sit down on in the gallery space. Joel is playing with the dissonance between knowledge and understanding and sees his work as explorations or phrases in an emotional language that enhances the embodied understanding of intellectually intangible questions about the state of our times and the states of our minds. 

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